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well what about it you say?

well this morning i just have this extremely annoying warning from AVG anti virus that that file has been contaminated with virus. as usual i pressed “heal” button, but 2 seconds after that the warning showed up again. then i pressed “move to vault” button. nope didn’t work. so i pressed “heal”/”move to vault” again. but 3-4 seconds later the warning keep popping up… aaaarrrgg.. frustrating

i tried to deleted it but hesitated, might be an important file. so then i googled it, what in the world is that file. i found my answer in this site: Yahoo Answer.

ok, looks important to me. but what now, how to fix that hosts file? i’ve googled around again (THANKS A MILLION GOOGLE) and found several way to fix it, either use another application “HostXpert.exe” (which is sometime didn’t work) or modified the content of hosts file

ok i see the problem, then i tried this:

  1. tried open the file in notepad, but warning came up, saying “Access Denied”
  2. ok, then when AVG warning popping i pressed “Heal” button
  3. i tried to open the file again. it works, the file can be opened in notepad
  4. i saw the file, and the content is clean. no other IP or URL showed there
  5. then i saved it (i don’t know what this do, but just to be safe ^^)
  6. after that, i right click on the hosts file and click on properties button
  7. on the “Attributes” field i checked on “Read Only” and “Hidden”
  8. then “Apply” and “Ok”

then i waited for that warning to show up again.. but you know what? the warning didn’t show up and that is a relief. so if you having the same problem right now you might want to try the step above.

good luck 😉


Bali Hotels and Villas Directory is a website dedicated for those who looked for hotel contact information such as address, phone, email, and webmail. i have this idea from several of my friends who looked for hotels contact info, trying to contact them directly and asking several questions regarding their booking.

i hope you will find this Bali Hotels and Villas Directory website useful for you, if not then please pass it to your friend who might need the info.

the website is still under early development and there’s no eye candy design yet so please mind with the design :). on later stages i will add more bali hotels info there and lighten up the design.

click the image above for the larger version

if you ask me, i prefer high CTR (Clink Through Rate).

once someone told me that it doesn’t matter that you get a high CTR when you bid your ads for PPC (Pay Per Click) because the outcome will just the same, you pay for those clicks.

for example: if you put $100 on a PPC campaign and you bid for $1 per click then no metter what your ad looks like you will get an estimated of 100 clicks right?

well its true you will get 100 click, but the most important thing is how your ad perform to attract your promising customers.

example if you had 2 PPC campaigns for $100 each. the first had 2,000 impressions and you get 5% of CTR. the second one had 1,500 impressions but you get 6.67%. then your bos came up and say, “hey man, choose one of those campaign to get us more ROI”

if it were me, i choose campaign #2 for this reasons: i get high CTR because the 2nd campaign had:

  • better keywords collection
  • better text ad/image ad the the first one

why is this matter? a high CTR means that your ads is on the target of some promising customer and those customers most likely convert to a more higher buying which in the and made your ads a high ROI.

isn’t that lovely.

have you ever accidentally closed one of your important tab in firefox? well good news, with firefox you can easily re-open it with a simple command: ctrl+shift+T and voila, your tab restored at once 🙂

Jaga Rimba

got another logo job, but this one take me a while to came up something like the one above. my client want a logo base on his company name which related to this word: “protecting the jungle”.

from the logo, i took leaf as the representative symbol for jungle and as the word protecting i took a silhouette image of a shield.

at first i thought photoshop use the same font library like Windows do, but when i installed it there photoshop won’t display it.

after search it for a while, i learn photoshop manage the fonts in different directory. well i might as well put the directory here in case i forgot. oh yeah this is for windows only, mac users please look elsewhere

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts

Online Banner Series

Design for Standing Banner

Backdrop for Workshop