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if you ask me, i prefer high CTR (Clink Through Rate).

once someone told me that it doesn’t matter that you get a high CTR when you bid your ads for PPC (Pay Per Click) because the outcome will just the same, you pay for those clicks.

for example: if you put $100 on a PPC campaign and you bid for $1 per click then no metter what your ad looks like you will get an estimated of 100 clicks right?

well its true you will get 100 click, but the most important thing is how your ad perform to attract your promising customers.

example if you had 2 PPC campaigns for $100 each. the first had 2,000 impressions and you get 5% of CTR. the second one had 1,500 impressions but you get 6.67%. then your bos came up and say, “hey man, choose one of those campaign to get us more ROI”

if it were me, i choose campaign #2 for this reasons: i get high CTR because the 2nd campaign had:

  • better keywords collection
  • better text ad/image ad the the first one

why is this matter? a high CTR means that your ads is on the target of some promising customer and those customers most likely convert to a more higher buying which in the and made your ads a high ROI.

isn’t that lovely.