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Monthly Archives: October 2008

this post made for those who feel that the balloon pop-up track info is one annoying new feature by WinAmp. from the beginning when that feature came up i thought that is one cool feature, up until when it made my PC a bit hang.

yes it made my PC hang. winamp need to splash that balloon and for some reason i can’t do anything to other application since it frozen. when the balloon complete displaying the music track info then my PC run normal again and this is just a pain in the nerve.

so i searched through google searching some article how to disable this balloon. fail, i didn’t find it anywhare. then i have to do it the hard way, search one by one from its preference to option tool.

yes, at last i found it. if you have the same problem as i do then all you have to do is turn it off in WinAmp option.

  1. open your WinAmp
  2. clik right your mouse on WinAmp player
  3. choose Options > Notification
  4. click on “Never show”
  5. your done

now try playing one of your mp3 in WinAmp… bye bye balloon 🙂

disable WinAmp ballon pop-up track info


well every web developer certainly need this baby to upload their files from local computer to remote server in order to publish their work.

in early days of my work i was introduce with cuteFTP (don’t ask why they neme it that way, it’s not that cute though). at first it was a fine ftp client tool up until i need to upload my work to a remote server with secure web host. back then cuteFTP unable to access this kind of web host.

then i start googling and found some fine ftp client; coreFTP, bitvise Tunnelier, ipswitch FTP are among other FTP client that i have tried. but none of them suits me (well the reason was none of them have the facility to connect to web secure host or SFTP :D). oh i found some good sFTP client but most of them are paid apps (boo..!!)

then a friend of mine recommend winSCP. a free sFTP client, and this ine just about right. the navigation are friendly (commander-like or windows-like, up to you), the connection was fast, and… its FREE! 😀 hah.. beat that.


to tell you the truth i haven’t maximized all the feature that it has to offer, but untill now it haven’t let me down a bit so no reason to search other sFTP client.

to grab one of these, click here