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at first i thought photoshop use the same font library like Windows do, but when i installed it there photoshop won’t display it.

after search it for a while, i learn photoshop manage the fonts in different directory. well i might as well put the directory here in case i forgot. oh yeah this is for windows only, mac users please look elsewhere

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts

well anyone know that Adobe Photoshop is the best tool for image editing, and for some it’s a great tool for making website template. me for one using photoshop to make web mock-up designs as long as i can remember.

one minor headache though, when you have made a web template then suddenly your client wants you to change the color of its background and fonts… hah! and what i know is that i have to change it part by part, and this is not a cool thing to do you know 😦

i hope the guys from adobe realize this and i wish they can create something like a global font format for a porject so i whenever i need to change the format all i need to do is changing the global format. this feature will certainly make my day.

i just got a very cool photoshop tutorial on the web. i got this from my friend’s news feed in face book (thanks ardi!).

check out this url:

the tutorial gave me some of the effect that i normally can’t imagine to make. the page composed on some lighting effect tutorial, vector art, and some filter mixing tutorial.. it’s a yummy tutorial

browse there and you will find some useful resources for your design too such as free brushes and vector images