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Panin v3

Panin v3

alternative design with bright background color. the background  base color came from the company logo and some of the element color for backgorund and font format from its logo too.

Panin v2

Panin v2

this alternative disign made upon the request of client. they want to see the look of the page in more brighter background color.

Web Design - Panin

Web Design - Panin Center Section

i’ve created a mock up design in my spare for panin sekuritas and here is the first mock up. i made them cut clean design with minimum color with dark background to embed some solid professionalism into the corporate. picture taken from and the icon (thanks anggi :)) came from smashing magazine font collection.

some say its to dark and gothic. maybe it is, then i should create another mockup with more friendlier background color.

stay tune