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this post made for those who feel that the balloon pop-up track info is one annoying new feature by WinAmp. from the beginning when that feature came up i thought that is one cool feature, up until when it made my PC a bit hang.

yes it made my PC hang. winamp need to splash that balloon and for some reason i can’t do anything to other application since it frozen. when the balloon complete displaying the music track info then my PC run normal again and this is just a pain in the nerve.

so i searched through google searching some article how to disable this balloon. fail, i didn’t find it anywhare. then i have to do it the hard way, search one by one from its preference to option tool.

yes, at last i found it. if you have the same problem as i do then all you have to do is turn it off in WinAmp option.

  1. open your WinAmp
  2. clik right your mouse on WinAmp player
  3. choose Options > Notification
  4. click on “Never show”
  5. your done

now try playing one of your mp3 in WinAmp… bye bye balloon 🙂

disable WinAmp ballon pop-up track info