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Design for Standing Banner

Backdrop for Workshop

Workshop Backdrop

Online Clinic

well this is the result. some minor changes, the floral curl behind red cross is changed. this happened because the previous floral curl goes blurry in high resolution. so the changes needed in order to keep the sharp quality of backdrop.

Backdrop for Online Clinic

the first idea of making the backdrop creative for our workshop was to use image that fit with its theme “Online Clinic”. at first i was browsing around searching for medical material, but after sometime i came to a dead end. then i was thinking a more simple design, using a white cross and a red background, but because the surrounding is just so empty i added some background (the one with the floral thingy) and voila… here it is.

i haven’t finished it though, but after it is i will uploaded it here.

i just got a very cool photoshop tutorial on the web. i got this from my friend’s news feed in face book (thanks ardi!).

check out this url:

the tutorial gave me some of the effect that i normally can’t imagine to make. the page composed on some lighting effect tutorial, vector art, and some filter mixing tutorial.. it’s a yummy tutorial

browse there and you will find some useful resources for your design too such as free brushes and vector images