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Monthly Archives: September 2008

this is probably my last post before Idul Fitri, so to all happy Idul Fitri and to all who have had their fasting may Allah accept our good fasting intention.


Panin v3

Panin v3

alternative design with bright background color. the backgroundĀ  base color came from the company logo and some of the element color for backgorund and font format from its logo too.

Panin v2

Panin v2

this alternative disign made upon the request of client. they want to see the look of the page in more brighter background color.

well anyone know that Adobe Photoshop is the best tool for image editing, and for some it’s a great tool for making website template. me for one using photoshop to make web mock-up designs as long as i can remember.

one minor headache though, when you have made a web template then suddenly your client wants you to change the color of its background and fonts… hah! and what i know is that i have to change it part by part, and this is not a cool thing to do you know šŸ˜¦

i hope the guys from adobe realize this and i wish they can create something like a global font format for a porject so i whenever i need to change the format all i need to do is changing the global format. this feature will certainly make my day.

Web Design - Panin

Web Design - Panin Center Section

i’ve created a mock up design in my spare for panin sekuritas and here is the first mock up. i made them cut clean design with minimum color with dark background to embed some solid professionalism into the corporate. picture taken from and the icon (thanks anggi :)) came from smashing magazine font collection.

some say its to dark and gothic. maybe it is, then i should create another mockup with more friendlier background color.

stay tune

Online Clinic

well this is the result. some minor changes, the floral curl behind red cross is changed. this happened because the previous floral curl goes blurry in high resolution. so the changes needed in order to keep the sharp quality of backdrop.

Backdrop for Online Clinic

the first idea of making the backdrop creative for our workshop was to use image that fit with its theme “Online Clinic”. at first i was browsing around searching for medical material, but after sometime i came to a dead end. then i was thinking a more simple design, using a white cross and a red background, but because the surrounding is just so empty i added some background (the one with the floral thingy) and voila… here it is.

i haven’t finished it though, but after it is i will uploaded it here.

Printed Ad for Action Asia

Printed Ad for Mandala Magz