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well today i’m in, a travel portal providing hudreds of hotels in Indonesia, Bali especially, with instant booking for international audience. i have manage this portal since 2005 and my main duties today are to promote and manage it so there be traffic coming to this site. in early days i start as the designer, and the duties are to maitain its presence on the web and make sure the web looking fine 24/7.

Beside managing portal, my duties also including generating creative ideas to be implemented to new web product such as,,,

Several responsibilities is to promote in several channel including online and offline and Google AdWords is among them and in order to get the right audience and the right goal firstly i analyze the web it self. i also create several online static and animated banner to support the promotion.

as in offline promotion i have the task to create the creative promotion design (i have put several in this blog) to be published as magazine ad, newspaper ad, flayer, standing banner, wide banner, etc..

in my practice of promoting this web is to optimzed the page so it would be visible on search engine result and rank high enough againts several competitor in the same business. today have ranked between 1-5 in several “Bali” related keywords.

by the end of the year i have to make sure the web have lots of visitors to generate bookings around the year and have a better profit margin than last year, which is the exact job what i’m doing right now. is not the only web i managed but there is, an Indonesian language travel portal like for Indonesia audience who look instant hotel booking. and to support all this we have created channels to generate more traffic such as,,,, etc.

and as i mention above that i do some creative for printed and online ad. in my everyday work i use photoshop as my main tool for creating ads, and to support it i use macromedia flash for animated online ads.


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