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well what about it you say?

well this morning i just have this extremely annoying warning from AVG anti virus that that file has been contaminated with virus. as usual i pressed “heal” button, but 2 seconds after that the warning showed up again. then i pressed “move to vault” button. nope didn’t work. so i pressed “heal”/”move to vault” again. but 3-4 seconds later the warning keep popping up… aaaarrrgg.. frustrating

i tried to deleted it but hesitated, might be an important file. so then i googled it, what in the world is that file. i found my answer in this site: Yahoo Answer.

ok, looks important to me. but what now, how to fix that hosts file? i’ve googled around again (THANKS A MILLION GOOGLE) and found several way to fix it, either use another application “HostXpert.exe” (which is sometime didn’t work) or modified the content of hosts file

ok i see the problem, then i tried this:

  1. tried open the file in notepad, but warning came up, saying “Access Denied”
  2. ok, then when AVG warning popping i pressed “Heal” button
  3. i tried to open the file again. it works, the file can be opened in notepad
  4. i saw the file, and the content is clean. no other IP or URL showed there
  5. then i saved it (i don’t know what this do, but just to be safe ^^)
  6. after that, i right click on the hosts file and click on properties button
  7. on the “Attributes” field i checked on “Read Only” and “Hidden”
  8. then “Apply” and “Ok”

then i waited for that warning to show up again.. but you know what? the warning didn’t show up and that is a relief. so if you having the same problem right now you might want to try the step above.

good luck 😉