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well every web developer certainly need this baby to upload their files from local computer to remote server in order to publish their work.

in early days of my work i was introduce with cuteFTP (don’t ask why they neme it that way, it’s not that cute though). at first it was a fine ftp client tool up until i need to upload my work to a remote server with secure web host. back then cuteFTP unable to access this kind of web host.

then i start googling and found some fine ftp client; coreFTP, bitvise Tunnelier, ipswitch FTP are among other FTP client that i have tried. but none of them suits me (well the reason was none of them have the facility to connect to web secure host or SFTP :D). oh i found some good sFTP client but most of them are paid apps (boo..!!)

then a friend of mine recommend winSCP. a free sFTP client, and this ine just about right. the navigation are friendly (commander-like or windows-like, up to you), the connection was fast, and… its FREE! 😀 hah.. beat that.


to tell you the truth i haven’t maximized all the feature that it has to offer, but untill now it haven’t let me down a bit so no reason to search other sFTP client.

to grab one of these, click here