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another of my favoite tool. i’m a big fan of this one.

most screen capture tool only give you the ability to capture the images on your screen, leaving the rest of the image below of your screen. this usually happen when your the image you want to capture much larget then your display monitor.

but not with this one. beside the common screen-given image capture, FastStone Capture lets you capture all of the content in your screen even it’s streched long down below of your screen. very neat. on FC it called “Capture Scrolling Window”. i use this a lot of time and saves me some time merging pieces of images in photoshop (hate it…hate it…hate it…)

it doesn’t stop there. with FC you can capture a freehand region. fantastic !! so you are free from box type image capture method.

once you capture what you want, FastStone Capture will deliver it to its image editor. there you can draw, add some caption, resize, give effect, watermark, etc. cool huh

in addition, you will get screen color picker and screen magnifier.

just get it ok, trust me with this one.


if you ever need a web color picker tool then Color Shchemer is one tool i can recommend.

Color Schemer

and why is this tool so great you ask? because i use it 🙂 for those of you who lack of color knowledge and sometime just don’t how to mix color then CS might be your greatest asset.

this tool equipped with color saver. so if you have color for a web project for instance, then you might want to save all the color you use on that project in a single file with this. just drag your favorite colors to the “Favorite Colors” box and after you have some then save it. rename that color if you want to.

then there this Color Scheme Analyzer. if you want a preview of color mixing of your saved favorite colors, then CS can show you.

and if you want to know what is the result by mixing two colors, yes it can answer your sense of curiosity.

one thing though, this tool already help me with numorous task for picking and mixing in my project. so this one i surely recommend.